Professional Bodysculpting/ Post-Op Aftercare

Our expert team located in Atlanta, Georgia is dedicated to helping you achieve your body goals with precision and care. Whether you’re looking to sculpt and contour your body or seeking post-operative support after a cosmetic procedure, we’re here to provide the highest level of service tailored to your unique needs.

Services & Facilities

Treatment Specialties

1 on 1 Certified Training for Body Sculpting/Post-op Aftercare

In this hands-on trading course, you will receive your certification upon completion as well as train on live models, be provided with a detailed manual with all you need to start your business! Each technique I offer will be part of the total package for training and certification. Balance due of $1,100 day of class. The non-refundable deposit of $400 is to reserve your spot.

10 Session-Paid Package Booking 45 min - $0.00

Paid Package Booking is for Clients who have session packages that are already Paid! Please add session # in the notes, Thank you!

10 Session Post-op Aftercare/Body Sculpting Services Package 45 min - $1000.00

Aftercare/Bodysculpting package includes 12 sessions of ANY/ALL services. This special pricing is saving you over $200 & 2Free Sessions! Giving you Optimal Results as 6-12 sessions are recommended! Aftercare is Mandatory for the best outcome!

Ultrasound Cavitation/Laser Lipo 45 min - $120.00

Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical fat removal technique used to eliminate fat from cells with low-frequency ultrasound waves, it liquifies the fat, and elimination is done through the natural body system. No Downtime! No Pain!3x week/12 Session for Optimal results!

Lymphatic Massage/Drainage 45 min - $120.00

This massage is mandatory for proper aftercare of surgical procedures like BBL, Lipo 360, Fat transfer/grafting, Tummy Tuck, etc. to drain fluid and toxins of the body through your Lymphatic system & natural elimination. Recommended everyday until draining is complete then 3 times a week after.

Wood Therapy 45 min - $120.00

Non-Invasive, All-natural deep tissue massage technique using wood instruments to sculpt/ contour & improve target areas of muscle, fat, cellulite stimulating the Lymphatic System drainage. Slim/define/firm/eliminate toxins.,.3xwk for Optimal Results! 6-12 sessions recommended

Non-Surgical Butt enhancement/Lift 45 min - $120.00

Suction cups are used to enhance/lift buttocks increasing blood circulation under the muscles to plump, shape, tone, tighten & firm. No Pain! No Downtime! Immediate Results! Can be done as often as every other day! Can be permanent with regular maintenance.

Non-Surgical Breast enhancement/Lift 45 min - $120.00

Suction cups are used to enhance/lift breast increasing blood circulation under the muscles to plump, shape, tone, tighten & firm. No Pain! No Downtime! Immediate Results! Can be done as often as every other day! Can be permanent with regular maintenance.

Sauna Wrap/Detox Blanket 45 min - $120.00

Detox technique helps break down fatty tissue deposits while warming the body to increase blood circulation/heart rate & burn calories! Relaxes your mind & body from stress, weight loss, pain relief, aids in skincare, immune system. Most ppl lose .5"/1" every session, Must hydrate! Recommended up to 1xweek!

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage - $220.00

Experience the benefits of Brazilian Lymphatic Massage, a specialized technique designed to promote the natural detoxification process by stimulating the body's lymphatic drainage system. This gentle yet effective therapy targets the elimination of toxins and surplus fluids, particularly those that may accumulate in the deeper layers of skin and muscles.


This redlight therapy is better beneficial and can be added to your package or any session for an upcharge fee of $50 dollars.

RF/Skin Tightening 45 min - $120.00

Non-Invasive, RF(radio frequency)will be used with heat to tighten and trigger Collagen production, feels relaxing like a hot stone massage! Can be used on the face, neck, body! No Downtime! Recommends 12 sessions

Faja Fitting - Pick Any Style Faja! - $140 & Up for 30 Min.

You can scan the QR code to see all the styles. I have many styles in stock for you to try on!

Contraindications Disclaimer

A contraindication is a condition/factor that serves as a reason to withhold a service due to the harm it may cause the client pertaining to the listed medical conditions. Before services, please read the Contraindications disclaimer below, make sure you are well-hydrated drinking lots of water! Hydration is a must before/after & during Post-op aftercare and while you are receiving any of the Body Sculpting services. Please do not eat anything 2 hours prior or 2 hours after any service.

Conditions include: Pacemaker, cardiac/vascular disease, diabetes, stroke, pregnancy, UTI, skin disease, overactive Thyroid, Fever, Hepatitis, Cancer, Blood disorders, High/low blood pressure, Dehydration, Contagious disease/infection, Lupus, Open wounds. It is your responsibility to disclose any medical conditions to your service provider and discuss them with your doctor before our appointment.

Late Cancellation Policy

No charge for cancellations/reschedules with 24-hour notice. 50% late cancel/same-day cancel fee. 100% no-show fee. No refunds.

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